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PNFF Flex Fund Program for Postpartum Doula Care

At Portland New Family Fund (PNFF), we are excited to facilitate a new program that will help many Oregon families access postpartum doula care!

This new, high-impact program is called the Flex Fund Program, and it connects moms and parents with experienced postpartum doulas, paid for by PacificSource Medicaid Flex Funds.

Even though postpartum support in the home is critical to new mothers and parents, there is no insurance coverage for postpartum doula care currently in Oregon (or most of the U.S.) other than one.

PacificSource Medicaid (aka OHP) has recently started allocating its flex funds to cover 15 hours (or more if there is a medical need) of postpartum doula care. This initiative is the first of its kind and aims to enhance maternal and infant health by offering much-needed assistance during the postpartum period.

However, despite this provision, many patients struggle to use this benefit due to barriers in connecting with the necessary resources. According to conversations between PacificSource and Portland New Family Fund staff, a MAJORITY of pregnant patients with this insurance plan have not been able to access this benefit due to multiple barriers.

This is where PNFF can help!

Here are some details of the PNFF Flex Fund Program and why it's so important:

Overcoming Barriers

Many PacificSource Medicaid pregnant patients need help applying for their postpartum doula care benefits due to various challenges (often due to poverty), such as pregnancy/life overwhelm or lack of awareness of this benefit by both them and their care provider. We help by educating midwives, OBs, maternity social workers and other care providers on this benefit in the hopes they will send patients to us for assistance.

Guiding Clients

The flex fund process can be lengthy and frustrating. The PNFF Flex Fund Program supports clients through this process, filling out flex fund applications, handling multiple emails and calls, ensuring timely approvals and payments, and overcoming administrative challenges. We also assist patients in changing their Medicaid plan to PacificSource if they wish to access this benefit (patients can switch plans at any time once per year).

Administrative Support for Doulas

Doulas often avoid the flex fund process due to frustrations applying, lack of timely reimbursement and other challenges. We eliminate these hassles by handling payment applications, allowing doulas to focus on their work.

Doula Matching

We connect each client with a postpartum doula trained to work with low-income families, prioritizing cultural matching based on gender, sexuality, race, language, and culture. The Flex Fund Program supports clients and doulas throughout the postpartum period by providing resources and logistics.

By supporting care providers, clinics, doulas and patients through this process, we are ensuring that more new mothers and parents can take advantage of the doula care they are entitled to, ultimately fostering healthier outcomes for families in our community.

How can you help this program?

  • If you or someone you know is a care provider anywhere in Oregon (midwife, doula, OB, social worker, etc) that works with pregnant OHP patients with PacificSource, please refer them to us!

  • Volunteer! We are seeking volunteers to make connections with perinatal clinics and explain how PNFF can assist their PacificSource OHP patients access postpartum care. We can also use volunteers to assist parents with their application.

Email us at if you want to get involved.

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