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Understanding the Federal and State Momnibus Act: A Step Forward in Maternal Health

Tierra Salmon is PNFF's Client Liaison for our Black and Indigenous clients and doulas. In this clip she explains the Federal and Oregon State Momnibus Act during our Annual Mother's Day Community Event.

The Federal Momnibus Act, a comprehensive package of bills, represents a monumental stride toward addressing the United States' maternal health crisis. Encompassing various aspects of maternal care, the Momnibus Act aims to tackle the deep-rooted disparities that disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and other women of color, as well as those from low-income backgrounds. By addressing systemic issues within maternal health care, the Act seeks to ensure that all mothers receive the support and resources necessary for healthy pregnancies and childbirth.

The Momnibus Act includes provisions to extend Medicaid coverage for postpartum care, fund community-based organizations that support maternal health, and promote maternal mental health by increasing access to screening and treatment. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for data collection and research to better understand and address maternal health disparities. Another critical component is the investment in the perinatal workforce, including training and diversifying the pool of doulas, midwives, and other maternal health professionals. By tackling these issues from multiple angles, the Momnibus Act aspires to create a holistic, equitable approach to maternal health care that benefits all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status or racial background. This landmark legislation underscores the urgent need for systemic change and reaffirms the commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of mothers across the nation.

The Oregon State Momnibus is a significant legislative initiative aimed at improving maternal health outcomes within the state. Mirroring the goals of the federal Momnibus Act, the Oregon version focuses on addressing racial and economic disparities in maternal health care, extending postpartum Medicaid coverage, and increasing support for community-based maternal health programs. This state-level effort underscores Oregon's commitment to ensuring equitable and comprehensive care for all mothers, particularly those from marginalized communities.

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